Huldrych Zwingli


In collaboration with ikonaut and ludic, New Babylon Creation is developing a VR experience dedicated to the aftermath of the Zurich Reformation. An animation of Huldrych Zwingli is going to be your guide in the virtual experience. The project is funded by the association «500 Jahre Zürcher Reformation». The (free) VR experience will be shown between 23.09. and 07.10. in Zurich (Grossmünster), Marktplatz Oerlikon and Bahnhof Altstetten.


Since the creation of the BUX App, we perceived it as our true determination to once create a James Joyce tour – as the famous Irish author lived part of his life in Zurich and died in the city. After the realisation of 12 BUX tours, we now feel ready: The James Joyce tour is going to be produced in August and will be released in September.

The James Joyce tour will also be our first BUX tour in English.

„Fieluhr? Filou! What age is at? It saon is late. […] There’s the Belle for Sexaloitez!“

Portrait James Joyce
Portrait of James Joyce and his wife Nora Barnacle
Portrait of the Irish author James Joyce


New Babylon Creations is going to contribute a BUX tour to the Jubilee 200 Jahre Alfred Escher und Gottfried Keller: Spuren der Zukunft. Zurich is celebrating the two anniversaries in 2019. The tour, which will introduce Gottfried Keller, his life and his work, is going to be produced in October and will probably be released in November.

Portrait Gottfried Keller