Best Swiss App 2017 in Functionality and Augmented/Virtual Reality.
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BUX offers 13 multimedia city walks through Zurich. Each walk is based on a story that takes place in Zurich. Learn more about the author, his/her personal favorites in the city, and the story. Discover Zurich and literature in one.

Personal tour guide

The author is your tour guide. Follow his/her story and get to know Zurich’s hidden beauty.

13 tours

13 tours through different districts of Zurich. Explore the city and find your way off the beaten track.

Homescreen der BUX App
GPS tracking

GPS tracking leads you on your way. Easy and no Internet necessary (only for initial download of the tour).

Interactive Stories

Stories are brought to you by audio, video, text & pictures, VR and AR. Immerse yourself.

Who is your
tour guide?

Huldrych Zwingli
Martin Suter
Thomas Meyer
Max Frisch
Laura de Weck
Urs Widmer
Anne Cuneo
Philipp Tingler
Kaspar Schnetzler
Mitra Devi
Mireille Zindel

BUX is a complementing form to experience literature. It relates space and thoughts, digital and analog.

The authors and actors as tour guides provide a personal and hidden perspective on the city. On some tours, figures of the story become alive and talk to you. Or you experience the feeling of being locked into a locker or traced by a shadow.

Storytelling with audio, video, text, pictures, 360° videos and augmented reality features combines the strengths of each format and explores new potentials. 360° videos and AR features in particular offer deep immersion – become part of the story in the middle of Zurich.

Make the space yours again:

BUX is the result of an interdisciplinary collaboration between the University of St. Gallen, the Zurich University of the Arts, Zurich Tourism, and the digital agency dreipol. The research project was funded by the Commission for Technology and Innovation CTI.